Window air-conditioning

Window Air Conditioners – now newer and better

Window air conditioners have been there for a long time now. And though split AC’s have taken the market by a rage the window air conditioners never become obsolete. Thus sunrise cooling manufactures a range of window AC’s designed for everyone’s needs. Our models are state of the art with recent technology as well as high efficiency. Window AC’s basically consist of a single unit which fits a complete air conditioner into a small space. All units are designed to fit within a standard window frame.

All models of our window AC mainly consist of a compressor, an expansion valve, a hot coil (outside), chilled coil (inside), 2 fans and a control unit.  The fans are there to blow air over the coils to help them dissipate the heat to the outside air and cold air into the room which is being cooled. Window AC’s are more suited for smaller spaces since it air conditions them more effectively. In case of use for domestic purposes window AC units with advanced features are less expensive than the more recent split AC’s. Thus if you are looking for a highly economical cooling option our window AC’s are definitely your best buy.

As window AC’s have been around for a long time their design is highly efficient and therefore save you a lot of money even on your monthly energy bill.  Since these AC’s do not require a duct you need not worry about renovating or finishing the interior after an installation. These single units are very easy to install and can be quickly done without much hassle. Maintenance is also simple as these are very small units and can be easily handled.  No more are window AC’s space consuming and bulky. On the contrary our latest models are very slim and very aesthetically pleasing.

Our models come with auto restart options wherein upon switching on the last used setting automatically loads. This is especially useful after a power cut in the nights wherein you can enjoy undisturbed sleep. Our easy slide in slide out design aids in ease of cleaning and servicing. As mentioned our compact design packs as powerful performance and is the best economically cooling solution. In addition to all this we provide a wide screen display which displays the AC operating settings. We also provide critically designed AC remotes that have a wide range of features which are very user friendly. We offer free installing upon purchasing our units are also continual servicing and maintenance options at a low cost. 

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