Water chiller centralized air-conditioning system

At Sunrise we offer a wide array of water-chilled central air-conditioners that suit the needs of your commercial space and provide superior efficiency when it comes to comfort cooling. All our products are designed for great versatility beyond conventional expectations. They are assembled from the best commercially available technology in the market that can be customised to match any requirement. Our energy efficient units offer improved sustainability, better reliability and enhanced performance that give you maximum uptime and operational efficiency.

Water chilled air-conditioners find their ideal application in buildings with large spaces, big shopping malls where several floors need even distribution of cool air, airports, hotel premises just to name a few. The mechanism is such that instead of cooling the room directly, the refrigerant first chills the water which in turn cools the air in the room. Usually, water or brine solution is chilled to temperatures as low as 6 to 8oCelsius by the refrigeration unit, which is then pumped to the various locales in the building where the air handling units are installed. The chilled water then flows through the cooling coil after which the blower absorbs the return air from the rooms that need to be cooled via the air ducts. This air gets cooled as it passes over the cooling coil before passing into air conditioned space.

All our products, technologies and processes are in line with our corporate philosophy of introducing cutting edge innovation into the market. All our chillers are highly energy efficient and are equipped with next generation durable compressors. This means low maintenance costs ideal for all businesses and industries. We understand your business operation, whether corporate or commercial, like no other and are committed to fulfilling your demands with high end goods armed with world class technology.

Uniform cooling of large commercial spaces is not a facile task whether it is a busy and expansive shopping mall or large corporate office with complex interiors. Our experience and expertise can devise the perfect solution for a variety of commercial spaces. All our products are catered and designed to suit your specific prerequisites and backed up by our proficient sales and technical team who are always on call to serve you. Our scientific approach to cooling will amplify your benefits and tangibly maximise the value of money spent.

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    Sunrise is highly renowned for its oil chilling systems that are manufactured as per high international quality standards


    Sunrise offers various kinds of Domestic Water Chilling Systems while also catering to ones that are available in the hotels and industrial units.


    The use of chilled water is absolutely significant to aid the optimization of some of the processes for the industry.


    Sunrise also provides completely assembled Walk-in Cooler System that is ready for its job of cooling as soon as it is delivered to your site.