Split air-conditioning

Split Air Conditioners  - experience the luxury

Sunrise cooling manufactures and distributes high quality and efficient split air conditioners for a variety of environments. Split AC’s have a unique feature that differentiates it from normal window AC’s which is that the condenser (the outdoor unit) is separated from the indoor unit which supplies the cool air to the environ. The compressor is the outdoor unit which can be placed in the ground or on wall brackets. We have various models of split AC’s which you can choose from to suit your needs.

Our expert technicians and consultants can guide you on the model that is best suited for your needs and also give an idea of how many BTU’s you require to cool the area you wish to air condition. For domestic purposes we usually recommend one indoor unit per room which can be of low or high capacity depending on the size of the room. But if you feel you require more than one our consultants and technicians are always available to give you the inputs and let you know of the pros and cons.

Many  people still utilize window AC’s for their domestic needs. In order to opt for a split AC it is essential to know how it works. To simply put it , a copper connection pipe and wiring connects the indoor and the outdoor units of your split AC. A gas refrigerant is pumped from the outdoor condenser or compressor through the connecting pipe into the indoor unit. The fan which is present within the indoor unit distributes this cool air across the unit’s evaporator coil.

Our range of split AC’s are mostly eco friendly. The benefits of having our eco friendly split AC’s are that the heat pump system is highly energy efficient. There is a great ease in installation as well as maintenance of both the indoor and outdoor units. The units provide comparatively quiet operation and offer simple user friendly controls. The efficiency of the design protects the environment and  also helps you save a lot of money.

We at sunrise cooling provide a number of models of split AC to choose from. Upon buying our product you are entitled for a free installation as well as flexible maintenance which implies that our technicians shall attend to any complaints as soon as possible. Our servicing and repair services can be availed by our customers for highly competitive prices and our technical team is sure to provide a solution to all your air conditioner woes. 

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