Pharmaceutical Refrigeration System

Experience advance cooling options with our pharmaceutical refrigerators

Our pharmaceutical refrigerators have been designed keeping in mind the specific criteria of storage of pharmaceutical products. Our refrigerators offer accurate storage and easy recovery of products. An overview of our specialized design includes microprocessor control for the effective monitoring and control of the storage conditions, positive airflow system, extra powerful compressors to provide ultra low temperatures constantly as well as industrial grade construction of the unit.  The increased R&D in the pharmaceutical companies has consequently increased the number of vaccines and other drugs synthesized which needs to be stored at appropriate temperatures to maintain viability.

our refrigerators are designed to provide superior performance, ease of usage using robust construction therefore offering a longer service life. These units are engineered using international grade components and advanced technology to meet up to the updated industry norms. The chest medical refrigerator which is slightly different from the commercially available refrigerators is extensively used as pharmaceutical refrigerators. It is ideally used to store reagents, vaccines and any other bio-pharmaceutical products. Its temperature control system is highly precise as this is the most critical factor to maintain viability of the product.

We offer units having temperature range from -30 degrees which is perfect to preserve bio-components that get altered or degraded even at normally low temperatures. They provide an ideal cold storage environment which does not fluctuate. You can also customize your pharmaceutical refrigerator according to your specific needs. We provide optional features such as chart recorder, temperature data logger as well as a computer interface. They can store the various temperature changes over a course of time and also print this data that helps us maintain proper storage condition logs which can be used in case of troubleshooting the activity of a particular pharmaceutical product.

We have tried to provide features that are practically essential such as low maintenance and high value to the cost. Our microprocessor enable accurate temperature control is the most advantageous feature . Upon storage and retrieval it is essential to have a fast pull down time and our refrigerators do provide rapid recovery. Sunrise cooling systems provides enviable temperature stability and maintains solution homogeneity. Our LCD/TFT display options make our product very user friendly. Our precautionary and safety mechanisms include an alarm system with backup, alarms for improper functioning of any component and user mishandling. And lastly we also offer a cycle defrost function which works without disrupting the set storage temperature conditions of the chamber. To have reliable temperature control, quiet operation and an ergonomic design  try out the pharmaceutical refrigerators from sunrise cooling. 

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