Frost Free Refrigeration System

At Sunrise Cooling we have highly innovative frost free refrigeration systems with vertical and horizontal designs. They are equipped with all the latest features and specifications to suit your ever-changing needs. They can be utilised for both domestic and commercial purposes. These units are enabled with large volume storage capacity designed to work effectively under any and all conditions. We also have in offer a wide range of refrigerators of varying capacity for you to choose from as per your specific requirement. We give customers the opportunity to purchase products better aligned with latest technology.

Energy efficiency is a salient feature that is pervasive in all our products. Our unique utility oriented designs enable low power consumption, thus making these frost free freezers dependable units in significantly reducing operational cost. This is achieved by varying the amount of power generated to the compressor. Our intuitive refrigerators provide an automated response to cooling demands and ensure that optimum temperature is maintained within the unit. Other than saving power, this also enhances the life of the appliance by significantly reducing wear and tear. They are also fitted with extremely durable compressors that come with our personal warranty. There are many models available with spacious interiors for smarter storage.

Our commitment to what we do and our lasting relationship with clients are the two main reasons for our prevalence in the industry. Whatever the scale of installation required, whatever the scope of the work, maintenance, repairs or otherwise, Sunrise is always up to the task. We have the technical expertise, the work ethic, the operational efficiency, the logistical skills and customer centricity required design the perfect solution for your business. When you do business with us satisfaction is guaranteed.

We cater to both Indian as well as import markets and aspire to meticulously craft our brand image in order to elevate ourselves onto national and international standards. We like to think big. Immediate goals are only incidental in the long series of actions played out carefully to achieve the vision that we began with.

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    Sunrise is highly renowned for its oil chilling systems that are manufactured as per high international quality standards


    Sunrise offers various kinds of Domestic Water Chilling Systems while also catering to ones that are available in the hotels and industrial units.


    The use of chilled water is absolutely significant to aid the optimization of some of the processes for the industry.


    Sunrise also provides completely assembled Walk-in Cooler System that is ready for its job of cooling as soon as it is delivered to your site.