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Sunrise Cooling Equipment is rapidly emerging as one of the key players in a highly competitive arena. Since our modest beginnings in 2007, we have made quite a name for ourselves when it comes to quality and versatility. The company began its career under the proud banner of M/s Bhardwaj Cooling over seven years ago. To celebrate our quick rise to a status of renown, the name was changed to Sunrise Cooling and Equipments Pvt. Ltd in 2011. This change also depicts our overall strategy of trying to stay dynamic by constantly evolving based on changes in the market place. The change of name served as a much needed catalyst in entering our next stage of progress and excellence.

Our work ethic is very much customer-centric. Our customers trust us to be sincere in our dealings and value our uncompromising integrity.

Quality control is also key component of the core business ethic. Therefore, stringent quality tests ensure that we only deliver products in par with international standards. This means that we provide an assurance of unsurpassed quality to our customers.

We incorporate the latest technological advancements that we can avail into our equipment to best serve the ever changing commercial and domestic requirements.

Our in-depth technical know-how fuelled by the vast experience of our team of professionals has propelled us to the verge of being market leaders. We aspire to set the industry standard when it comes to providing top notch cooling solutions and grade-A customer service.

Industrial oil chilling system

Our industrial chilling systems are the very foundations of our very comprehensive product range. We offer one of the best industrial grade oil chilling systems in the market with a quality to be reckoned with. We take our business quite seriously. We scour the market and stock products and equipment that are top notch in quality, best in terms of performance and widest in scope and application.

Walk-in cooler system

Sunrise offers one of the finest fully assembled walk-in coolers in the market. They can be built to specified dimensions and temperature requirements. Our confidence is backed by high quality equipment, innovation, and a team of professionals and industry experts committed to customer satisfaction. These preservation chambers cater to a variety of industries like pharmaceuticals, hospitality, food and beverage and other industries dealing in perishable goods.

Domestic water chilling system and air conditioners

We deal in state of the art models and well-known brands that suit a variety of domestic surroundings and go well with all types of residential premises and interiors. Due to our products being highly energy-efficient you will be saving big on your electricity bills in the long run. Our high end window-ACs ensure that you and your family are exposed only to fresh and hygienic air in a safe and comfortable environment. Our professional team of technicians are always on call to ensure that there is little or no downtime for your air conditioners and therefore no unwanted interruptions to your comfort and peace of mind.

Industrial water chilling system

Sunrise Chilling Systems are highly efficient and tested to provide the best quality for all chilling utilities. Our commercial water chilling systems are guaranteed to function in a cost-effective manner and are highly energy efficient. We provide a stable supply of chilled water which remains unaffected by the changes in the outdoor temperatures. A highly efficient tube construction with copper tube refrigerants ensures for a flawless performance and sustainability.

Centralised air-conditioning system

Central air-conditioning of commercial workspace and premises also form an integral part of our commercial refrigeration solutions. Uniform cooling of large areas is always a challenge. We pride ourselves in being able to meet these challenges with the appropriate solutions based on particular needs.

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    Sunrise is highly renowned for its oil chilling systems that are manufactured as per high international quality standards


    Sunrise offers various kinds of Domestic Water Chilling Systems while also catering to ones that are available in the hotels and industrial units.


    The use of chilled water is absolutely significant to aid the optimization of some of the processes for the industry.


    Sunrise also provides completely assembled Walk-in Cooler System that is ready for its job of cooling as soon as it is delivered to your site.