Cold Rooms for research labs

Several modern industries have built their superstructures of innovation on the back of rapid technological evolution. For those involved in prolonging conservation of delicate, perishable items, cold room technology is the single point of convergence. Cold Rooms have found a variety of applications in diverse industries.

We provide cold room solutions for research labs. We understand that the main purpose of this industry is storage and maintenance of vaccines, blood and tissue samples, drugs, bio products and various other chemicals. The importance of this basic yet essential process cannot be overstated. Without ideal conditions to preserve them and prolong their otherwise perishing utility, it is critical that proper temperature and humidity control is capably maintained.

Our cold rooms are designed with several advanced safety features like humidity alarms and temperature indicators to ensure thermal efficiency is maintained. They possess built-in features that intuitively provide precise temperature control, humidity level, air quality and proper lighting to create the ideal storage environment. Each cold room is custom designed to customer specifications based on varying needs. We let our customers define the exact temperature requirements and humidity levels and tailor-make the cold rooms to match those requirements to successfully create the desired settings.

We also provide maintenance services for cold storage doors to ensure that these robust constructions are accurately maintained and equipped with proper insulation features to guarantee their functionality and utility. Research labs comprise of several items such as blood and serum samples, technical kits and other laboratory equipment that demand a temperature regulated environment that calls for a cold room operating at optimum levels of efficacy.

Our bespoke environmental solutions services guarantee customer satisfaction every time. We realise the delicate condition of all standard laboratory items and how a slight surge or fall in temperature can have disastrous implications. Our competent team of experts work doubly hard to ensure that such disasters are averted.

Our range also includes Walk-in Coolers built as per international quality standards. These are specially designed for chilling or freezing applications in medical labs and pharmaceuticals. The temperature in these rooms can be set as low as -20oC and are they are available in a variety of dimensions and capacities as required.

We are also known for providing excellent maintenance services for mortuary cold rooms. The hygiene and temperature conditions in such a hazardous environment are quite significant. We guarantee optimum performance metrics and thermal competence in mortuary chambers for both domestic and NRI units.

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