Cassette air-conditioning

Cassette air-conditioningWith vast industry experience Sunrise Cooling is engaged in offering high-end Cassette Air conditioners at affordable prices. We offer customised cooling solutions that are client specific. Our products are technologically advanced to ensure the most up to date cooling solutions are made available to our valued customers. Our focus is primarily on effective functionality and durability. Our high performance air-conditioners ensure uniform distribution of cool air and have built in power saving features such as timers and remote control, supported by high performance compressors. The culmination of the right mix of features offer total comfort, high utility, maximum control and unbelievably low power consumption.

Cassette air-conditioners have a very diverse application and are excellent for residential, official and commercial spaces. It is an ideal cooling solution for hotels, malls, offices and more. It keeps the indoor environment comfortably cool irrespective of the outside temperature. State of the art sleek design, discreet appearance and low ceiling installation make facilitate easy cleaning and maintenance of air filters and grills comparable to the cleaning of ceiling fans.

However, keeping in mind the existing interior layout, our cassette units and unobtrusive panels blend effortlessly with the ceiling space. With stylish and elegant designs and a host of innovative features our units go well with any and every decor. We have a range of colours that complement all shades of paint. Our indoor units also come in compact, ultra-slim designs that facilitate hassle-free installation. Our air outlet has a streamlined design that allows air to pass with enhanced fluency ensuring a quiet, low-noise environment unlike conventional air conditioners. This is especially suitable for small or confined spaces.

The highly competent Sunrise Cooling team is always at the service of our esteemed clients for installation and maintenance services at exceedingly competitive rates. Our technicians are thoroughly professional while dealing with customers. They listen respectfully and patiently to their queries and make sure to respond to all of them in a detailed manner. It is our duty to keep the client well-informed of the progress of the work that is underway. Their extremely meticulous approach in performing checks during repairs or maintenance jobs ensures that there are no half measures. We constantly strive to eliminate every kind of inconvenience to domestic or work environments and minimise or nullify operational downtime for our customers. 

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