Blood Bank Refrigeration System

Blood from donor banks saves 1000’s of lives every day which justifies the need for better and more advanced blood bank refrigerators. As per the set norms for the storage of biological material blood ( whole blood, red blood cell component ) needs to be stored within a temperature range of 1-6 degree Celsius. The fact that blood stored in the best possible conditions has a maximum shelf life of 42 days shows the need for effective and flawless storage conditions. Other blood components such as plasma and cryoprecipitated AHF needs a storage temperature of -18 degrees or colder. Also remaining components such as platelets and granulocytes which may also be required for transfusion in case of certain illnesses need to be stored at 20- 24 degrees with and without agitation respectively.

Taking into account the wide range of temperature requirements for the storage of blood we have designed specific refrigeration units for the different components and also combined units with appropriate compartmentalization and temperature control. An overview of our salient features include positive airflow systems, temperature control based on microprocessor technology, high power compressors and an  high quality cabinet construction which can withstand scientific, clinical and industrial . Our customization option allows you to opt for a unit with your specific modifications in terms of technology as well as size.

The microprocessor based temperature control system provides highly stable temperature control as well  as digital reader for easy readability. This electronic management system allows you to preset the temperature and agitation conditions as per the set regulations.  Microprocessor technology allows for precision in temperature control which is of utmost importance. The multi airflow system is employed to provide excellent temperature uniformity which is an absolute necessity. The smart defrost system is based on thermal sensors and include refrigeration and heating all controlled by precise microprocessor system.

A separate inner door on the refrigerators effectively compartmentalizes it and minimizes the air leakage from unit during door opening. It is designed with appropriate insulation, magnetically sealed doors as well as double pane windows all contributing to reduce temperate loss from the actual storage chamber. As a mandatory precautionary function, the unit also has built in safety function.  It is designed with a remote alarm in case of power failure and backup failure, high and low temperature condition or any thermal sensor malfunction.  It has a built in temperature recorder which provides printable data of the temperature conditions over time which can be checked before choosing  to provide blood from that unit. Thus our blood bank refrigerator has a user friendly and ergonomic design which is our defining factor. 

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