Air cooled centralized air-conditioning system

At Sunrise, our solutions are designed to meet the requirements of various building types and applications. We design environmental solutions that create comfort and ease on a consistent basis with an approach that leverages our pioneering technological and engineering expertise. Our composite solutions deliver stand out performance with low energy consumption and even lower environmental impact. It is an easy decision for potential clients to decide to partner with us based on the superior quality of our solutions. Whether it is installation, repairs or maintenance, our comprehensive range of turnkey solutions keep things simple and straightforward while helping our clients achieve optimal efficiency and maximise benefits.

Air cooled central air-conditioning system is an integral part of our range of premium cooling solutions for domestic, corporate and commercial utility. They operate effectively even in high ambient temperatures and maintain a steady and balanced distribution of cool high quality air. You can also avoid the possible seepage issues that you may experience with oil or water based chillers. Whatever the nature of your existing HVAC systems, our expert team possesses the expertise and extensive knowledge required to provide the right installation for you. They are trained to handle sophisticated and expensive equipment and can manage installation in any scale of premises whether it is replacement, renovation or a new building structure.

Signing maintenance contracts with us is a smart way to ensure longevity and long-term performance of the air-conditioning units that you have heavily invested upon. We go out of our way to help you sustain operational uptime and use only genuine spare parts on your systems. Our engineers expertly calibrate your air conditioning units to the appropriate temperatures during seasonal changes.

We provide the finest and the most comprehensive assortment of services and solutions. All our packages are tailored to variegated needs of clients from diverse industries. We constantly endeavour to offer great value for the money spent by efficiently executing all services. Our timeliness and reliability ensure that our maintenance agreements help our clients cut back significantly on operating costs. We take innovation seriously and make it a point to continuously invest in technologies that benefit our customers through intelligent solutions.

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    Sunrise is highly renowned for its oil chilling systems that are manufactured as per high international quality standards


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    The use of chilled water is absolutely significant to aid the optimization of some of the processes for the industry.


    Sunrise also provides completely assembled Walk-in Cooler System that is ready for its job of cooling as soon as it is delivered to your site.